Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia

Kuala Tahan National Park is the largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia. It is famous for its tropical forests, birds, and insects. The park administration is at the southern tip of the park directly across the river from the thriving village Kuala Tahan (4.3769555,102.3880494) through which most visitors enter the park. In the park are walking routes relatively easy with the ability to search the longest suspension bridge in the world by serious 100 km round trip hikes. Visitors can enjoy the river and the rainforest, some of the abundant wildlife (but with so many visitors, it is not always easy to see) to see, and it is also home to all the Native tribes.
The dry season is February to September is the best time to visit the park. The tourist season is from April to August.

Taman Negara was in 1938/1939, established when King George V Sankarakhiri National Park, Malaysia. It was renamed to Taman Negara after independence, which literally means "national park" in Malay. Taman Negara has a total area of 4,343 km2 and should be a reputation as the oldest tropical deciduous forest in the world is estimated that over 130 million years.  Despite the reputation, the title of "oldest rainforest" precisely one of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, felt old 135 million years and old 180 million years.

Taman Negara encompasses three states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu, each with its own legislation. The Taman Negara Enactment (Pahang) No. 2 from 1939 is in the forced state of Pahang, the enactment Taman Negara (Kelantan) No. 14 from 1938 in the state of Kelantan and the Taman Negara Enactment (Terengganu) No. 6, 1939 in the state of Terengganu. The decrees have similar content.

Taman Negara Pahang is the largest at 2477 km2, followed by Taman Negara Kelantan to 1,043 km2 and Taman Negara Terengganu 853 km2.

The park was developed into a famous ecotourism destination in Malaysia. There are several geological and biological activities in the park. Mount Tahan is the point of the highest Malay Peninsula; Climbers can  use as a starting point or Kuala Tahan Merapoh. Taman Negara is home to rare mammals like the tiger of Malaysia, macaque, Malayan Gaur (Seladang) and the Indian elephant. In addition to birds such as the great argus, junglefowl, and the rare Malayan Peacock-Pheasant numbers are still here in one place. Tahan River has received the Malaysian mahseer (Kelah ikan in Malay), a kind of game to protect fish obtained.

found other attractions near Kuala Tahan (Park headquarters for Pahang) include a passage canopy, Gua Telinga (cave system), Lata Berkoh (quickly). Visitors can observe the rainforest, birds and jungle trekking (eg Tenor Rentis) and enjoy the river views along the Tahan River.

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